Get cosy with coffee at Oh Martine!

For those of you who are not from Geneva, you must have discovered what the stratus is when moving in. Stratus: grey cloud that overcasts the city from November to March hiding the blue sky 5 months of the year. Quite depressing. We’ve found just what you need to cheer you up. Oh Martine! is a coffee place that makes you feel good and comfy. It will make you want to stay inside for hours, just chilling. And you are not alone, people go there to chat with a friend, read a book…in other words, get cosy.

The space is well-thought and composed of 3 rooms. The first one, where the bar is, overlooking the street. The second one, next to the kitchen is designed as a living room. And finally, the third room, located at the back. What does those 3 rooms have in common? The fact that you’ll never want to leave.

The title of this article is “get cosy with coffee”, so let’s move on to the second part, which happens to be what they do best at Oh Martine! Once you’ve tasted coffee there, you might become very picky, not wanting to drink industrial beverages anymore. You’ve been warned. To say that coffee is an art is an understatement. It is a real love affair, with care and passion. They grind it themselves, weight it carefully and serve it delicately.

When it comes to food, rest assured, you will not feel left out. At Oh Martine! Tartines are queens. Large pieces of spongy bread covered with simple and delicious ingredients. Avocado, poached eggs, bacon… it does not get better than this. To try different things, they also test new recipes with customers. Feel free to check out their Instagram to know when is the next one!

PS: Oh Martine is temporary closed since December 30th 2018. Reopening very soon…

Photography © Margaux Mudde
Route de Chêne 6, 1207 Geneva
Mon 6.45am-3pm; Tue-Fri 6.45am-7pm; Sat-Sun 9am-6pm
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