Café Slatkine

We were very sad to learn that Slatkin & Sons closed its bookstore on the Chaudronniers street even though some books are still available online. Founded in 1918 by Mendel Slatkin, this bookstore was part of Geneva’s old town’s heritage however over time dust started accumulating in the store instead of visitors. The premise finally fell asleep for a long time… Until today.

Woken up by a kiss from a prince charming, the bookstore was recently renovated and transformed into a literary cosy bar. The window’s logo (a unicorn) was carefully redesigned with gold leaves by the Workshop (the agency that created the Electron Festival 2014 campaign): a book is still sacred, no matter what. Without denying its origins, the bookstore still believes a book is a king however it also provides free wifi as well as creative cocktails and a list of wines selected by the Bibarium. The bookcases are lit with Tiffany lamps and visitors can either buy a book or read one on the spot.

One must be a bad mouth if she or he believes that because we’re in the old town of Geneva, the prices are high. It’s quite the opposite; so if you feel like reading a book or having a drink or doing both, head to this Art Nouveau bar just to make sure fairy tales do exist.

PS: the Café Slatkine is also the perfect spot to enjoy an early breakfast and read the newspapers… on paper or on your iPad.

Rue des Chaudronniers 5, 1204 Geneva
Mon to Wed 7am-midnight; Thu & Fri 7am-2am; Sat 10am-2pm 
Budget: $$

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