Let’s celebrate Spring in Carouge

Since 55 years (yes indeed, 55 years), the traditional Spring festival has been taking place in Carouge. From the 9th of May until the 19th, many concerts, creative workshops, exhibitions – often free of charge – are organised in the Sardinian city and this year, the festival has chosen nature as its main theme. 

Let’s celebrate Spring in Carouge!

Shall we begin with a Botanic Dream drink, nice and fresh, please at the Chat Noir for a Salsa Live afterwork. This non-alcoholic cocktail contains a savvy blend of wild herbs, which you may enjoy while listening to salsa music on Thursday, May 9th.
For art lovers, the Carouge Spring festival has many (free) surprises in store: Land Art at the Place du Temple by the vegetation sculptor and florist Marie-Hélène Hess-Boson et Sophie Gétaz-Jousson; ephemeral sound installation by worldwide renown group of artists Scenocosme at the park Cottier and a joint opening is organised by the Galerie Séries Rares, the Galerie Marianne Brand and Le Salon Vert.
Each art gallery will present works of art related to nature by several local and international artists that you’ll be able to meet in person during the opening. 

On Saturday, May 11th, the Transe Express Company will perform in the streets of Carouge. Its art performance is inspired by the sculptures of Alexander Calder: your imagination will blossom! 

Among the creative workshops organised by the Carouge Spring festival, you’ll be able to go for a botanical walk to discover edible and medicinal wild plants that grow just around the corner. 

It will all come to an end on Sunday, May 19th with a piano concert or if you prefer, a wild brunch at Voisins 105. 

Spring is officially here!

From May 9th until the 19th
List of all the events
(in English too, just scroll down once you click on each event)

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