Carrières des Lumières, My Big Geneva

The exhibition “Venice, from Canaletto to Monet” takes you on a discovery of the treasures of the capital of the Veneto region. It precedes the work of Klein who wanted to make his life a masterpiece.


2 centuries BC, the stone of Baux was formed. Easy to cut and almost absolutely white, it was used to build the Castle of Les Baux and the village of Les Baux de Provence. Industrialization in the 19th century gave rise to this stone and the Carrière opened in 1800. But concrete and steel led to its fall until it closed in 1935. A few years later, Dante, Cocteau, and his Orpheus Testament, or even Gounod gave the venue a second life.


In 2012, the Carrières des Lumières became a digital art center.

Van Gogh and Gauguin are featured in the very first immersive digital exhibition on March 2012. Dali, Monet, Chagall, and Leonardo da Vinci will follow until…


Yves Klein, l’infini bleu until January 2, 2023

Projected on the stone and the ground, the work of Yves Klein totally transports us in his search for the absolute, immateriality, and infinity. For the artist, beauty already exists, it is invisible. It is therefore up to the artist to reveal it and his ultramarine blue becomes its vehicle. The International Klein Blue, “IKB” was filed in 1960 with the industrial property; it is not the color itself that is protected, but the combination of binder and pigment that allows the color to reveal its full depth.

After your immersive visit, Emma’s table awaits you at the Régalido de Fontvieille where the chef worthy of a star will delight you.


PS: the Carrières des Lumières can be rented for your BIG events…