Casa Tiki, cocktail bar and more

We were looking for a cool place where to have drinks in the Jonction area. The brief was nice and simple. A bar where music is enjoyable, where you’re don’t necessarily bump into people you know and where you can drink cocktails with some nibbles. When going to Casa Tiki, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. We were attracted by the leaf pattern tapestry that matched the rattan armchairs.

Without turning it into a philosophical question, it’s hard to describe why a place makes you feel good or not. It’s a mix of factual and very personal elements. Casa Tiki is warm and welcoming, well thought yet casual, all at the same time. On top of this, which goes beyond the brief, we were immersed in a place inspired by the Tahitian culture. Tiki is actually used to define the wooden sculpture that you can find on the Polynesian islands. Drinks have exotic names and are prepared by a hell of a bartender that makes you think that the shaker is an extension of his arm: Tiki Tiki Bang Bang, Manoa Punch, Casa Cabbana…

If you want to know the behind the scenes, here they are. Casa Tiki was created by Max and opened just a few months ago. Max previously opened two other bars you might know already: Black Sheep in the Grottes and near Rive. We met this charming owner when going to Casa Tiki. He was behind the counter, on the ball, making sure consumers were pleased and happy. We chatted with him, he’s easy going and pro, and offered us a shot of Pisco. Three cocktails, two shots and a guacamole later, here we are, satisfied, fulfilled, not realising we had stayed there a few hours and were now late for dinner.

Photography © Margaux Mudde
Rue du Vélodrome 11, 1205 Geneva
 Tue & Wed 5pm-midnight; Thur 5pm-1am; Fri 5pm-2am; Sat 7pm-2am

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