If you’re looking for the best bars or cafes in Geneva, you’ve come to the right place. Life after work in Geneva can indeed be (immensely) boring if you end up in the wrong places (or with the wrong people). Don’t fear the unknown and let us guide you until dawn. Includes takeaway and home deliveries too.

The bars we decided to share with you have been carefully selected based on our personal and professional experience at the various venues. Some of us were born in Geneva, some of us are expats, but we all share common values when it comes to after-work: hospitality, quality drinks or café, and an original concept. The best gin and tonic awaits you at Khora (Eaux-Vives) or Nico & Co (by the lake), and if you’re a whiskey connoisseur head to the Bar du Nord in Carouge.

Cocktail Bars in Geneva

By the lake, Nico & Co is a pretty cool place to hang out. A big terrace, quality food, you get to meet a melting pot of expats, locals, and loyal clientele. A few steps away from the Lake, in the district of Eaux-Vives, Little Barrel dedicates itself to the glory of rum in a colonial atmosphere with impeccable service.

Pubs in Geneva

40% of all residents in Geneva do not have a Swiss passport, so the expat community had to come up with a few pubs and exotic places to feel more at home. Greeks gather at Khora, while UK/US nationals celebrate happy hour at Pickwick and the Irish community head to the Old Town at the Spring Brothers pub.

Wine Bars in Geneva

Bombar at the place des Augustins has great taste when it comes to wine and food; simple, yet with a little twist, no fuss though. You’ll also find a great selection of local wines at the Bistro de Marius served with local delicacies (cheese, dry meat, etc.). If you’re into Spanish wines, then you’ll find your happiness at the Soleil Rouge.

Best Cafes in Geneva

Our articles cover everything cafes have to offer from its essence and atmosphere to its location, quality of coffee and tea, menu’s variety, pricing and the food itself. With our selection of the best cafes in Geneva we hope to help you find your new favourite hang-out spot from the classics such as the Remor to off the beaten tracks like Livresse.

Coffee shops in Geneva

The coffee shop mania in Geneva started with Boreal and its black gold alchemists. Birdie Food & Coffee and Fix Bar shortly followed. The 7 espressos worth tasting in Geneva selection will take you to Italy at Mizzica or Mafalda Tavola Calda. There’s more to discover if you scroll down!

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