Art of Living

Right here, you’ll find a few inspiring designers, books, exhibitions, festivals, and creative tips for your spare time.

Some of those ideas will make you smile; others, we hope, will pique your curiosity; and some might even make your think.

Whether online or on earth in Geneva and its surroundings, each of our recommendations has been experienced and we believe they are worth your valuable time.

You may also meet gifted individuals who share with you some of their thoughts and ideas so scroll down and enjoy!

Best Places to Visit in Geneva

Among our BIG inspirations are the Art & History Museum in Geneva and the most beautiful cinema in the world. When the Summer comes, the Dawn Concerts are a must for any music lover.

Best Festivals in Geneva

Electron, Antigel, and so many more break the routine all year round. Whether you are into electro music, dance, contemporary art, or classical music, you will find a suitable match!


Best Tips in Geneva

Whether in Geneva or elsewhere, it’s necessary to dwell more in-depth into any city to uncover the real, hidden gems that carry authentic goods such as Les Fleurs de Frida. If you are just passing by, 48h in Geneva will serve the purpose.

Best wellness and training sessions

Online or offline, we believe that working out is one of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend pilates which can be performed from pretty much anywhere or Reiki.

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