Art of Living

Right here, you’ll find a few inspiring designers, exhibitions, and tips for your spare time.

Whether online or on earth, each of our recommendations has been experienced and we believe they are worth your valuable time.

This Art of Living section is also an opportunity to share a few thoughts to live a better life or at least try to. Scroll down and e-meet along the way a few people that share our values.


Best Boutiques in Geneva & elsewhere

When it comes to shops around the world, it’s necessary to dwell more in-depth into any city to uncover the real, hidden gems that carry authentic goods. The bright lights will lead you to the homes of the world’s leading stores or the prêt-à-porter and streetwear window.

Online shopping

From Big to small brands, we browse the internet and test each of our shopping before making a recommendation to you. We like uniqueness, we like creativity, and we like to have fun as well with our clothes. We feel good in a designer dress or with our old PJs from childhood because we have learned that clothing is just a bit of make-up.

Best exhibitions that we actually attend

From the Maison de Balzac to the Art Institute of Chicago, we love spending time in museums, especially when they are not too crowded. The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation is one of our favorite places on earth as well as the House of Beethoven.  In Switzerland, the Paul Klee Zentrum is a MUST.


Best Interior Design Stores

Moving is stressful, and it can be a real hassle to find furniture that will make your place feel comfortable like home. Arriving in Geneva, it’s challenging to find furniture stores with reasonable prices – we’re talking about the stores that fall in-between pricey Roche Bobois and Ikea. Need us to enter the picture? You bet.

Our designers’ section will serve you with proper inspiration to make furniture shopping the best of fun.

Best wellness and training sessions

Online or offline, we believe that working out is one of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend pilates which can be performed from pretty much anywhere or Reiki.

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