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Let’s celebrate Geneva being an international city and Swiss capital for foodies! The Canton has over 1,000 restaurants and much to offer on top of the traditional cheese fondue and raclette. With so many cuisines available in Geneva, why not browse our culinary guide of the best restaurants in Geneva to ensure you make the best of your time here? Unlike comments on TripAdvisor, which can take ages to read, our suggestions are fair and straightforward.

From time to time, we might take you on a culinary from LA to Hong Kong depending on where we travel.

We only advise our readers with local food experiences that we thoroughly enjoyed and keep remembering. Our best of the restaurants in Geneva stand out because of their ambiance, outstanding food, and friendly services. Wishing to broaden your horizon with Asian food? We recommend Bao Steam Kitchen for a contemporary experience and memorable dim-sum and Chinese Baos that will (for the duration of your meal) carry you away.

If you’re looking for the best bars or cafes in Geneva, you’ve come to the right place. Life after work in Geneva can indeed be (immensely) boring if you end up in the wrong places (or with the wrong people). Don’t fear the unknown and let us guide you until dawn. Includes takeaway and home deliveries too.

The bars we decided to share with you have been carefully selected based on our personal and professional experience at the various venues. Some of us were born in Geneva, and some of us are expats, but we all share common values when it comes to after-work: hospitality, quality drinks or café, and an original concept. The best gin and tonic awaits you at Khora (Eaux-Vives) or Nico & Co (by the lake), and if you’re a whiskey connoisseur head to the Bar du Nord in Carouge.

The best pizzas and Italians in Geneva

Love for pizzas and Italian food is universal, which is why we cannot but underline the abundance of Italian restaurants in Geneva. Be warry, they are not all worth trying, which is why we’ve shared with you our top picks for the best pizzas and Italians in Geneva! A local must is Da Paolo, who’s perfectly baked pizza crust will make your mouth water at any time of the day. The Italian places we recommend come in a varying price range from affordable to more expensive establishments; whatever kind of Italian cuisine you’re in the mood for, we’ve got a recommendation for you!

Top restaurants in Geneva

We’ve gathered an exclusive selection of the top restaurants in Geneva; as go-to’s for our fellow foodies. Our Foodie section comes in the form of earnest reviews based on the MBG’s teams’ positive experiences dining at the recommended establishments. We know the frustration of struggling to find a decent place in Geneva that stays open late, which is why we took the struggle upon us to find you the top restaurants in Geneva that stay open late. If you’re ever dealing with hunger in the middle of the night and find that your fridge empty, head over to Le Saint-Honoré Bakery, ring the bell at any time of the night and pick yourself up a delicious treat. What’s better than a bakery working 24/7 around the clock?

Best brunch in Geneva

We, foodies, believe an integral part of relaxing on the weekend includes a fabulous brunch, which is why we share with you the places that offer the best brunch in Geneva. Marcel is the ideal place to indulge for brunch, as their menu offers just about all kinds of breakfast.

Coolest restaurant in Geneva

The Swiss may not be known for their “cool factor,” but with all the different restaurants in Geneva, there are plenty of trendy spots to attend. For excellent after-work cocktails or a late dinner, we recommend Bombar.

Old town Geneva restaurants

Our culinary guide will lead you to discover restaurants in Geneva’s old town, which is arguably the most romantic setting for dates. If you’re a bookworm like many of our MBG people, we have found the ideal spot for you: head over to Café Slatkine for a good read and a delicious hot beverage.

Best breakfast in Geneva

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast in bed? Luckily for us, the best breakfast in Geneva not only offers a yummy and organic selection but also provides with home delivery service!

Cheap restaurants in Geneva

We make sure to advise you with delicious food in a varying price range: from the more expensive establishments to affordable and even cheap restaurants, everyone can find a gem in Geneva! Food is about sharing anyway, so why not talk about top Foodie experiences that everyone can afford to enjoy without breaking the bank? For quality food at a bargain, we suggest you head over to Zhegra Kebab in Acacias.

Cocktail Bars in Geneva

By the lake, Nico & Co is a pretty cool place to hang out. A big terrace, and quality food, you get to meet a melting pot of expats, locals, and loyal clientele. A few steps away from the Lake, in the district of Eaux-Vives, Little Barrel dedicates itself to the glory of rum in a colonial atmosphere with impeccable service.

Pubs in Geneva

40% of all residents in Geneva do not have a Swiss passport, so the expat community had to come up with a few pubs and exotic places to feel more at home. Greeks gather at Khora, while UK/US nationals celebrate happy hour at Pickwick, and the Irish community head to the Old Town at the Spring Brothers pub.

Si vous cherchez les meilleurs bars ou cafés à Genève, vous êtes au bon endroit. La vie à Genève peut parfois être assez ennuyeuse surtout si vous finissez aux mauvais endroits avec les mauvaises personnes. Ne craignez pas l’inconnu et suivez nos conseils. À l’emporter et livraison aussi disponibles, ainsi que quelques idées à faire chez soi.

Les bars que nous partageons avec vous ont été testés et sélectionnés avec soin par notre équipe au fil d’expériences professionnelles et personnelles mémorables. Certains d’entre nous sont nés à Genève, d’autres y résident en tant qu’expatriés, pour autant quand il s’agit d’un bon apéro, nous sommes tous d’accord: hospitalité, originalité du concept et qualité des boissons et cafés sont les maîtres mots. Pour le meilleur gin tonic, allez chez Khora aux Eaux-Vives ou rue des Templiers chez Oh My Gin! Plutôt envie de partager votre passion du whisky ? Optez pour le Bar du Nord à Carouge.

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