Bon appétit!

The beautiful art of food transcends language barriers, revives our memory, and warms our hearts. We seek all of that. The local restaurants you are about to discover are sometimes festive, sometimes exceptional, but above all, delicious.

As a bonus, a few culinary getaways and recipes for you to try at home.


Our best restaurant guide stands out because of its ambiance, good food, and friendly service.

The best pizzas and Italian restaurants

Love for pizzas and Italian food is universal, which, is why we cannot but underline the abundance of Italian restaurants in Geneva & elsewhere. Be wary, they are not all worth trying, which is why we’ve shared with you our top picks for the best pizzas and Italians! A local must in Geneva is Da Paolo, whose perfectly baked pizza crust will make your mouth water at any time of the day. The Italian places we recommend come in varying price ranges from affordable to more expensive establishments; whatever kind of Italian cuisine you’re in the mood for, we’ve got a recommendation for you!

Top restaurants in Geneva & elsewhere

We’ve gathered an exclusive selection of the top restaurants in Geneva & elsewhere; as go-to’s for our fellow foodies. Our Foodie section comes in the form of earnest reviews based on the MBG’s teams’ positive experiences dining at the recommended establishments. We know the frustration of struggling to find a decent place in Geneva & elsewhere that stays open late, which is why we took the struggle upon ourselves to find you the top restaurants in Geneva that stay open late.

Best brunch in Geneva

We, foodies, believe an integral part of relaxing on the weekend includes a fabulous brunch such as Marcel, which is why we share with you the places that offer the best brunch in Geneva and around the world.

Coolest restaurant in Geneva 

The Swiss may not be known for their “cool factor,” but with all the different restaurants in the world, there are plenty of trendy spots to attend. For excellent after-work cocktails or a late dinner, you will find hidden gems within this section.

Best breakfast in Geneva 

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast in bed? Luckily for us, the best breakfast in Geneva & on earth not only offers a yummy and organic selection but also provides home delivery service!

Good restaurants in Geneva & while traveling

We make sure to advise you with delicious food in a varying price range: from the more expensive establishments to affordable and even cheap restaurants, everyone can find a gem in Geneva! Food is about sharing anyway, so why not talk about top Foodie experiences that everyone can afford to enjoy without breaking the bank?

Best Cocktail Bars in Geneva 

Cocktail bars are a pretty cool place to hang out. With a big terrace and quality food, you get to meet a melting pot of expats, locals, and loyal clientele. A few steps away from the Lake, in the district of Eaux-Vives, you will also find some trendy bars which, we have selected for you.


Best Pubs in Geneva

40% of all residents in Geneva do not have a Swiss passport, so the expat community had to come up with a few pubs including Pickwick, and exotic places to feel more at home. When we travel, it takes a good beer to end our day with a smile. 

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