Only magic moments

You will discover in this section, BIG leaders we had the chance to meet or exchange a few words with and who have forever left a mark in our lives.

Browse the headlines and find out if the 2 Michelin Stars Chef Thierry Marx eats at McDonald’s and get a few tips if you’re a foodie. E-meet also Natalia Olenicoff Ostensen to learn about her legacy or Prince at the New Morning.

In short, if you’d like to “meet” BIG people, here is your chance.

So we met (and danced) with Dr. Max Cooper, Ph.D. in Computational Biology, and DJ; Jason Beck AKA Chilly Gonzales who wrote a song for Daft Punk and performed at the Victoria Hall with his sleepers on.

Among the Big people we met, here are a few quotes which have inspired us:


Love life, Feed life, Teach life, Protect life, Serve life

Professeur Kalangos, founder of the Fondation Kalangos.

Life cannot be a mistake, with or without music. 

Chilly Gonzales, genius.

I am looking for enthusiasm and open-mindedness. 

Luke Cresswell, co-founder of the STOMP show with 17 million de visitors.

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