Only magic moments

You will discover in this section, BIG leaders and talents whom we’ve had the chance to meet or exchange a few words with, and who forever left a mark in our lives.

Browse through our headlines and e-meet Prince at the New Morning, 2 Michelin Stars chef Thierry Marx or, Marina Abramovic.

Chilly Gonzales, also known as Jason Beck, answers our questions wearing a unicorn, as does entrepreneur Natalia Olenicoff Ostensen.

Big People & More

So we met (and danced) with Dr. Max Cooper, Ph.D. in Computational Biology, and DJ; we also had a coffee with the Swiss writer Joël Dicker and a chat with Sean Van Court.

Among the Big people we met, here are a few quotes that have inspired us:


Love life, Feed life, Teach life, Protect life, Serve life

Professeur Kalangos, founder of the Fondation Kalangos.

Life cannot be a mistake, with or without music. 

Chilly Gonzales, musical genius.

I am looking for enthusiasm and open-mindedness. 

Luke Cresswell, co-founder of the STOMP show with 17 million de visitors.

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