Château Le Rosey

This week-end, the Château Le Rosey organized a wine-tasting event that was open to the public; I took my family and headed for the Lake road, towards the village of Bursins. Located halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, Bursins is in the heart of the La Côte region, renowned in Switzerland for its vineyards. Above the village, the Château Le Rosey blends into an exotic setting where the vineyards stretch gently while you enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Geneva. On the horizon, the Mont-Blanc…

This castle was probably built around the XIIIe century and lived many lives. The stone is the witness. Recent restorations by Pierre Bouvier give the location the appearance of nobility. 8 generations of winemakers have owned this place as well as the parents of Pierre Bouvier. 

The inner courtyard looks like a contemporary art installation; the ground is dotted with immaculate white stones and is trenched with the trunk of a majestic tree. The interior of the castle is just as harmonious. There are many rooms where the fireplace serves as the masterpiece of the decor. 

Before the tasting, the fruits and vegetables of the Big Garden are recommended for a light lunch: soup or squash pie, dry meat, cheese, and raclette. A pure delight while enjoying a Chasselas wine.

Besides the open cellars and other public events (please check the agenda) the Château Le Rosey can be rented for your seminars or events. 

PS: thank you Laurence 🙂

Château Le Rosey, 1183 Bursins

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