Vanessa Alfieri

One clic to book my lunch online, a 20 minutes drives from our city centre… Welcome to Vanessa Alfieri’s home, winner of the “le Chef, c’est vous” national food contest.
In 2013, she felt the need to confront the way she cooks in front of renown Swiss cook chefs. Once she was told that she was gifted, she left her full time job and in January 2014, opened her table d’hôte. Every Tuesday & Thursday, Vanessa prepares a full menu which, not only tastes but also looks like a Michelin Star meal. The only difference is that for the price of 35.- ! you get a starter, a main course and a desert. Seasonal products, some are even cultivated in her very own garden, creativity, amazing flavours, I was in heaven. Around the table, back in 2014, I met cultivated and interesting people with whom we shared our passion for food, on a sunny terrace.
But Vanessa is slowly but surely shifting business as she started being a personal chef and a caterer since a couple of months. Due to her (Big) success, she is forced to stop her table d’hôte. So when August came, I booked her for an intimate birthday lunch at my place. Vanessa came on time, cooked in my kitchen and served us; the menu was elaborated according to my taste and it felt great to be at home. My advice: should you want to organise any kind of events, book Vanessa Alfieri’s know-how, you won’t be disappointed…

Ch. de la Chenalette 36
1197 Prangins


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