Chez Quartier

Timeless. A whimsical tea room that you will find quite fantastic. The decoration is made of odds and ends, with a touch of romance, making the atmosphere very cozy. 

The service has followed the same tradition for many many years: first of all, a warm welcome, before holding a plate in your hand and making some Big decisions: fresh bread with Cenovis or homemade marmalade? Exquisite sandwiches? Delicate pastries? Look at those scones that are waiting for you!
Everything is homemade, I mean everything.

Drinks will be ordered from your table and served with a smile, between regulars and total strangers.
Everyone is in the same boat.
At lunchtime, you may enjoy a fresh salad or soup without any computer or smartphone on the horizon.
Chez Quartier’s clients prefer reading the newspaper, a book, or chatting with the table neighbor. 

So yes, it’s a bit tight but it keeps you warm in winter.
And when the sunny days are back, you may take place on the terrace.
A vibrant place for the epicurean.

Rue Voltaire 24, 1201 Geneva
Tue to Fri 7am-6.30pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Sun 7am-6.15pm

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