Chez Sami

Chez Sami invites you to experience Lebanese food in the heart of the Pâquis district, which will leave you wanting for more… Sami (Abou Said), the chef, will welcome you with open arms.


Every dish is created from recipes handed down from one generation to the next. With a strong emphasis on a delicious fusion of fresh quality meat and poultry, the food is traditionally prepared with authentic herbs and spices.
I love mezze, don’t you? Easy to share and so much more exotic than a dish of the day. However, even the dish of the day (at 19CHF) is worth the detour.
The recipes were taught by Sami’s mother and grandmother.
Once you’re ready to order, Farid will provide you with good advice when it comes to wine.
Drum roll: a rainbow of colors on my plate. My Fattouche salad is served with fresh crudités (really fresh), seasoned with lemon and olive oil. Hommos, falafel, Kebbé, etc. What’s next? Boneless marinated cockerel with garlic, lamp chops, chicken, or kafta. It’s raining outside but the food smells of the sun.

Coffee, Baklawa (several other Lebanese pastries are also available), and a reasonable bill.

Chez Sami is also a caterer by the way and if you ever want to smoke the shisha, you may do so on the terrace.

Rue de Fribourg 11, 1201 Geneva
Mon to Fri 12-2.30pm; 7-10.30pm & Saturday evening

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