Chilly Gonzales at the Festival de Verbier

Canadian pianist, Chilly Gonzales aka Jason Beck, brings his latest release Solo Piano III to the Festival de Verbier in what promises to be a particularly memorable debut.

Described by Chilly Gonzales as “not an antidote for our times” but “a reflection of all the beauty and ugliness around us”, Solo Piano III was the 2018 completion of the Solo Piano recording trilogy the Canadian pianist-composer began in 2004 with a genre-bending collection of delicately voiced Satie-inspired miniatures with a pop aesthetic, and then continued in 2012 with Solo Piano II.

Listening to it in the context of times over which the whole world has been yearning for antidotes, it represents an exquisitely-fashioned piece of musicologically absorbing escapism whose emotional key is ultimately one in major tonality. Take the charm-with-a-wink of Prelude in C-sharp major, which gently rejigs the time signature of Bach’s famous keyboard Prelude in C major, then sends the music off in surprising new directions.

Friday, July 30th 2021 
Festival de Verbier 2021
Online tickets from 25.- CHF

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