Chocolaterie Micheli

All chocolate aficionados should be thrilled about this news! The Chocolaterie Micheli has reopened in 2018 after two (long) years of waiting!
Pralines, truffles, pavé, oranges chocolates, THE real hot chocolate (very rare in our region), lactose-free chocolate, very black or with sesame or pistachio, these original recipes were transmitted by the former owner Pierre Poncioni; know-how that has been successfully perpetuated since 1964!

Philippe Rielle (owner of La Fabrique) is now in charge but he is not alone; Aurélien Bernard and Hans Gaillet, who are brothers, offer light and delicate pastries, tailor-made deserts upon request, and Big chocolate sculptures. My latest discovery: a Chanel bag made of chocolate, the perfect gift for fashion lovers. Sabine Castrischer also joined the new team; her father is the one and only creator of the famous (and best) Forêt Noire of Geneva. I guess perfection runs in her veins. 

Inside the chocolate shop, the design is minimalist and elegant. I felt quite lucky to be comfortably seated while contemplating beyond a large by the window, the chocolate artisans at work in their gourmet laboratory. 

Should you stop by during lunchtime, the Chocolaterie Micheli offers salty delicacies, to taste on the spot or take away. 

Rue Micheli-du-Crest 1, 1205 Geneva
Mon to Fri 8.30am-6.30pm; Sat 9pm-5pm

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