Last-minute gift ideas

To help Santa Claus at the end of this particular year, we’ve come up with a list of the best shops and places around Lake Geneva. Any mood and budget have been covered and even those who don’t believe in Santa Claus will find some tips to brighten this end of the year.

If Santa Claus is homesick …
He should find a home at the Schilliger Christmas Market while respecting very strict security measures. He will be able to visit the villages of Gstaad, Zermatt, and Evolène through magical atmospheres, even on a Sunday. Decoration, smart gifts, delicatessen, and a whole world of plants to discover. Also available on the online store.

If Santa Claus is hungry…
GET Food has prepared a list of grocery shopping to make the perfect meal for this magical time. Because Get Food is based in Switzerland, they love a great cheese meal from De Bleu! Fromagerie, find the full list here.

If Santa Claus is budget-friendly…
Carouge becomes magical at the end of each year; the luminous works of art created by artists such as Cédric Le Borgne or Katia de Conti are a gift for the eyes and do not cost a penny.

If Santa Claus likes poetry…
He will go to the Quartier des Bains where Les Fleurs de Frida is waiting for him with some tea or a candle. He will also find exceptional designers at the Panapé de Caméla on rue Général-Dufour.

If Santa Claus needs color in life…
He will visit Ms. Ploum in Carouge to get some colorful deco or ask some advice to Cécile and Max at Eclectic Deco.

If Santa Claus is preppy…
At the entrance of the bridge of Carouge, Bérénice sells organic cosmetics in her boutique Au Temps Pour Moi as well as delightful fashion accessories with organic materials.

If Santa Claus is cultured…
He will spend some time at the Bernard Letu Bookstore in the old town of Geneva. 

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