Schilliger marché de Noël, My Big Geneva

The Schilliger family is waiting for you with Mrs. Claus in a secret garden. Santa Claus is also expecting you.


The new edition of the traditional Schilliger Christmas market is a must for all lovers of magic and wonder. This year, we are reminded that Santa Claus has always been accompanied by Mrs. Claus; and together, they bring fairytales. It is also an opportunity for the Schilliger family to pay tribute to their grandmother Agnès, co-founder of the BIG garden center, with her husband Maurice.


Since 2016, Sara Hächler-Schilliger, Agnès’ granddaughter, has been the artistic director of this marvelous moment. Between the decorations of a French garden and enchanted delicacies, she answers our questions:


What values ​​did your grandmother pass on to you?

This year our theme is about Mrs. Claus and through her, I pay homage to my grandmother Agnès Schilliger. She was an entrepreneur. She set up the business with her husband in the early 1960s. She was a nurse and trained as a florist to develop a complementary activity to that of her horticulturist husband. Besides that, she had eight children and regularly made lunches for the employees. She managed her entire team with an iron fist in a velvet glove. She transmitted to us the values of creativity, beauty, aesthetics, and generosity toward our customers.


A memory of Agnès at work to share…

Unfortunately, I have never worked with her, but I was able to see photos of the floral arrangements that she made for the Biggest hotels and palaces in the region, and it was sumptuous!


What motivates you to perpetuate the family know-how?

It’s a chance to still have a family business that has been around for 77 years with great values and a great reputation. I have been here for 9 years, and I find it fabulous to be able to perpetuate these beautiful decorations that make our customers dream.


Christmas for the Schilligers is…

Christmas for the Schilligers is a beautiful and bright holiday filled with happiness and joy. A celebration of abundance and generosity towards others. A moment of family reunion in peace and love. A Christian holiday that reflects life in abundance.


And finally, a song in your special Christmas playlist?

Ah, but I love all the Christmas music!!! I can’t choose just one…I created the playlist myself for our Christmas market. I mixed songs with different styles always related to Christmas. I put as much retro music as classic, instrumental music, and, a cappella; also gospel music which gives this Christmas time a mood of peace and joy.


While waiting for Mother Christmas and Father Christmas to come to your home, the Schilliger family organizes a plethora of workshops and events in Gland, Plan-les-Ouates or Matron.

Last but not least, we wish you Season’s Greetings and all the best for 2023.