Christophe Louie, Panettone

One of the legends of this leavened bread, egg, and honey pastry from the Roman Empire says that a noble falconer invented this dessert to impress the beautiful daughter of the baker Toni. Toni is also the first name of the kitchen boy who, according to another legend, would have concocted “l’è ‘l pan del Toni” to satisfy the Duke of Milan.

In the 16th century, the personal chef of the Emperors and Popes wrote one of the first recipes for Panettone in his cookbook before Mota turned it into an industrial product in 1919. Since then, the Panettone has since become more popular.

Its preparation is a long process and contemporary recipes vary by region. Panettone, however, is always synonymous with parties.

Christophe Louie acquires the mastery of Panettone in the Aosta Valley from the pastry chef Mauro Morandin: “every morning the leaven takes its bath in 37-degree sugar water, it is massaged and observed by the pastry chef who smells it and tastes and takes care of it until the evening or it immerses it in water during the whole night.

Traditional or Mendiant?

Trained at the International Bakery School under Thomas Teffri-Chambelland, Christophe Louie deepened the relationship between sourdough bread and Panettone to create 2 signature desserts:

  • Panettone traditionnel ; beurre extra-fin L’Or des Prés de maturation à l’ancienne, amandes des Pouilles, oranges confites de Calabre, miel d’Ile-de-France.
  • Panettone Mendiant: beurre extra-fin L’Or des Prés de maturation à l’ancienne, Chocolat Nicolas Berger L’Equateur Noir en édition limitée, raisins noirs “Shani” séchés, figuettes de Malaga, oranges confites, noisettes du Piémont, amandes des Pouilles.

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