La toile blanche d'Edward Hopper is a complete website in the digital era for movie lovers, an ambitious project founded by Andreas Furler, former cinema critic and cinema operator. A Swiss-made alternative to Netflix & Co.

Ad-supported cinema guide, creates order and bundles practical tools for quickly choosing the right film. The streaming library separates the wheat from the chaff and contains only what cinefile thinks is worth a single rental, whether art house or mainstream, classic or new indie cinema. Reviews, video essays, live interviews, portraits of all streaming and many cinema films are also available as bonuses.

Minuscule, valley of the lost ants by Hélène Giraud.
La toile blanche d’Edward Hopper by Jean Pierre Devillers.
Selfies by Claudius Gentinetta.

Stream for free 99 of the most popular long and short movies among a selection of the best films until recently in the theatres, continuously supplemented by releases, classics, documentaires, short films, kid’s pix, all of them IN HD, in the original version with freely acceptable subtitles in German or French such as: Florence Foster Jenkins by Stephen Frears, UK 2016, with Meryl Streep; The Immigrant by Charlie Chaplin, USA, 1917; Lost in translation, by Sofia Coppola. The Graduate by Mike Nichols, USA, 1967, etc.

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