Ciro Trattoria Gourmet

The Ciro Trattoria Gourmet has cooked exquisite Italian food since June 2017 in the Pâquis district and most of its customers are loyal customers. Some of them don’t even look at the menu; Ciro, the restaurant’s chef and owner, changes it regularly and he often comes to to your table to explain his cuisine. 

There is no daily at Ciro’s Trattoria but the menu is different whether you come for lunch or for dinner. At lunchtime, count between 15.- to 25.- for a main course and every dish can be sprinkled with black truffle. Delectable. As the name suggests it, Ciro is a gourmet and one can feel it right away!

The service comes with a smile and is very welcoming; and since the menu is rather small, you will order in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, Ciro prefers flavor and creativity rather than quantity. I couldn’t agree more. Paccheri, Ravioli, Linguine, Spaghetti, etc… The pasta is cooked according to the chef’s mood. But pay attention to what comes with it: cime di rapa, lardo di Colonnata, aglio, etc. Fish and meat can also be ordered. 

As I sat down, the olive oil was served on a small plate where you could dig in your piece of bread. And I could already smell the flavors coming out of the kitchen. Ciro is a passionate and highly skilled chef. He comes from Napoli and when he told me he used to work for Paolo at Il Mirtillo restaurant, I was not surprised at all. On the shelves of the restaurant, one can read Joel Robuchon or Ducasse’s cookbooks but Ciro prefers to mention his family and how food is important in his country.
Bravissimo. I’ll be back tomorrow.
And after tomorrow.

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