Livresse coffee shop & bookstore

After a long trip to Iran, I came back to Geneva early Spring with only one wish: to meet My Big Geneva’s team where I truly belong in a place that could inspire us to continue fighting against the clichés and continue proving through our blog how special Geneva can be.
Kevin and Julien suggested we meet at Livresse for a drink after work. Kevin often writes his articles at Livresse and Julien considers this place like his home. Nestled in a perpendicular street to the plaine of Plainpalais, a couple of meters away from the Illuminés Vintage Design XX shop, Livresse is the perfect meeting point to grab a coffee or a drink surrounded by books. It has a terrace on the semi-pedestrian Vignier street where sandwiches and tapas are served at all times. It’s a place full of life, decorated with taste and a penchant for cats (just visit the bathroom and you will understand why). Cosy, friendly, no fuss no rush, you will often meet students in front of their computers or passionated readers enjoying their tea. The wine list is local and I must admit that my glass of Chardonnay felt like heaven. The coffee shop is also a bookstore as you may have understood it and specialises in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual literature. You may also find books with broader topics which the bookstore considers as best-sellers. Coincidentally, (or not because ultimately Big spirits always encounter), Nathalie was in the neighbourhood and joined us for a fresh ginger juice.

After a long trip to Iran, I came back to Geneva, met the team on the terrace of Livresse and thought: “it feels really good to be back.”

Rue Vignier 5, 1205 Geneva
Bookstore: mon 1-6pm, Tue to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm 
Coffee shop: Mon 1pm-midnight, Tue to Thu 9am-midnight, Fri 9-1am, Sat 10-1am

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