Collection 66

Have you ever bought something at Sandro, Maje or Bash and realize only the next day that your sister, your cousin, your colleague and/or potentially your neighbor has it too? When it happens, it’s kind of annoying. So if you’re after nice clothes for women that you will not see on anyone else, don’t go away, you’re in the right place. Meet Collection 66, a fashion store that displays feminine patterns, comfortable fabrics and stylish cuts. The type of hidden gems you will not find everywhere in Geneva.

Step through the doors of this warm place and notice how quickly your eyes are stimulated by so many colors, mix and match of patterned fabrics and accessories. You will want to feel them, try them on and why not wear them. You will ask yourself if it is your style, if it can suit your style or make you want to change style for a day. Collection 66 offers clothes that will take you out of the ordinary, without being too much. It is a nice and subtle retro look, the one that you will actually like to wear in your everyday life or even for a special occasion.

When doing a bit of research, we learn that the brand is 100% Swiss. Agnès Boudry, the founder and designer, comes from Lausanne. The cloth tags clearly state Switzerland and you will find a store in Geneva, one in Rolle and one in Lausanne.

Photography ©  Margaux Mudde
Rue de Lausanne 30, 1201 Geneva
From Tuesday to Saturday
Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 11am-5pm

Rue de Deux-Marchés 13, 1005 Lausanne
From Tuesday to Saturday
Tuesday-Friday 10.30am-6.30pm; Saturday 10.30am-5pm

Grand-rue 20, 1180 Rolle
From Tuesday to Saturday
Tuesday-Friday 10.30am-1pm, 1.30-7pm; Saturday 10.30am-5pm

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