Culinary journeys

Culinary journeys

Pack your bags, head to the Eastwest Hotel in the district of Pâquis. No need to present your passport, this trip does not require one. Sit comfortably and discover the flavours from the east to the west side of the world.

From February 7th, the Eastwest Hotel celebrates its 10th anniversary … until November. Each month, nomadic chefs will take over the kitchen and offer a gourmet getaway to any food lover in Geneva. A monthly menu, served at lunch and dinner time, from Monday to Friday, for the cost of 54CHF/pers.

Starting point: Switzerland, of course, from February 8th until the 25th. Féra du Léman, rösti of Jerusalem artichokes, confit pig from Jussy, melting apple and toblerone 1908, prepared by the chefs of the ADHotels in Geneva. On the walls, the works of art of the photographer Yann Gross who took a road trip on a moped in the Rhone valley. Art to nourish your soul and exquisite food to satisfy your stomach.The Eastwest Hotel is actually inviting you to join a culinary and cultural journey.

First stop, from March 2nd, in Japan with the chef Takeo Yamazaki of the Yoshi restaurant (the only Japanese restaurant of Joel Robuchon, located in Monte Carlo). On March 1st, you will even get the chance to meet the actual chef during a very special event, upon reservation only (click right here if you want more info). Other surprises are to be expected: a workshop of furoshiki and the works of art of Philippe Delors, who took a road trip, this time on a scooter, along the Tokaido historic road that connects Tokyo to Kyoto.

In April, you’ll fly to to Thailand; next stop in Danemark (in May), still no ID required, incognito somehow. How fun? Follow Eastwest Hotel to know where you will go in June, September, October and November.

10 years, 10 journeys
Eastwest Hotel, Rue des Pâquis 6, 1201 Geneva
From February 8th until November
February 8th-25th: Swiss-inspired flavours
March 2nd-31st: Japanese-inspired flavours
Price: 54CHF, lunch or dinner, from Monday to Friday
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