Cultural Trails

The cultural trails, conceived by the City of Geneva, cover the neighbourhoods that you think you know. By following an itinerary, you will stop at museums, collect interesting anecdotes to be forgotten along the way, and will walk the roads less travelled par le biais de la mobilité douce. Now there’s a great way to (re)discover Geneva!

Trail 1 begins gently under the century-old trees of the Conservatory and Botanical Garden on the shores of Lake Geneva, continues to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and ends with the Ariana Museum, and the Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass – one of the most prominent ones in Europe in its specialty.

Trail 2 rediscovers the Museum of Art and History, speaks of its creation, crosses streets with late 19th century luxury buildings and remembers the people who have left a mark on the city with their talents or deeds. The route takes the curious to the Baur Foundation, which houses art from the Far East.

Trail 3 plunges the walker into the heart of the dynamic neighbourhood of Plainpalais, stops at the Museum of the Fire and Rescue Service and at the Patek Philipp Museum, dedicated to the elegance of horology, and speaks of the many works of art exhibited in the open air.

Trail 4 meanders through the Old Town, its important monuments, and crosses the oldest square of the city. It explains when hay bales gave way to weapons under the roof of the Ancien (Old) Arsenal and drops us off at number 10 rue Jean-Calvin, at the doorstep of the Barbier-Mueller Museum dedicated to primitive art.

D’une bibliothèque à l’autre (from one library to the next) offers to delightfully get lost in the streets through the imagination of known authors who painted Geneva with their words, and Botanique runs from parks to gardens chasing anecdotes and lingering under the foliage of remarkable trees.

The essential illustrated plans are available in paper version as well as online, and audio guides are available for free download from an application.
NB: the entrance of most museums is free on the first Sunday of the month.

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