Dai 3 Fratelli Scalea

Two words best describe the Italian restaurant Dai 3 Fratelli Scalea (the 3 Scalea Brothers): tradition and quality. The Scalea family already owns several places in Geneva: the pizzerias – Acacias, Vesenaz, and Petit-Lancy – the Braceria and La Tranche – a Roman slice of pizzas that can be delivered or taken away. 

La Mamma Scalea as we call her has shared her love of good food with her 3 sons – Massimo, Enzo and Gerardo. Her specialty is homemade fresh pasta, often ravioli, filled with aubergines (that actually taste like aubergine) or pumpkin or mushrooms. You can pick with your eyes closed as all Mamma Scalea’s pastas are delicious. Make sure you open your eyes once served, the food looks great. 

If you have a Big appetite, order one of the XXL pizzas (from 19 to 30CHF); if you take it away, your XXL pizza won’t fit in a basic Swiss oven as the pizza is way too large. But the pizza chef pre-cuts it so you can heat it slice by slice. However, it’s such a nice experience to eat at the Dai 3 Fratelli Scalea restaurant: the pizza is perfectly cooked and smells SO good! Papa Scalea will make sure you feel comfortable and have everything you need. My family and I always order the Montepulciano table wine. 

If you don’t book a table on Fridays or Saturdays, you won’t find even a corner to stand. All my Italian friends are clients of the Dai 3 Fratelli Scalea for ages: and here I thought I was sharing a great tip. Nevertheless, having said that, if my Italian friends are loyal to this place, it means a lot. 

PS: Dai 3 Fratelli Scalea is a place for people who care more about what’s on their plate rather than outside the plate 🙂

Quai du Cheval-Blanc 23, 1227 Les Acacias
Mon to Sat lunch and dinner time
Budget $

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