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Nowruz is the traditional new year of the Persian calendar (first day of spring) celebrated in Iran between March 20 and 22 according to the vernal equinox.


It marks the beginning of the year.

To celebrate Nowruz in Geneva, Chef Maryam Moharrery cooked chelow kabab – meat skewers – and khoresht – stew for us. Served with basmati rice and its possible variations. Maryam’s bestseller? Barberry rice with pistachios.

Maryam Moharrery prepares all her artisanal dishes with accuracy and delicacy.

She observes and then reproduces the traditional processes with fresh products from the region and spices from Iran; also, within the limits of her capacities in order to ensure that each order is a healthy trip to Persia with authentic flavors.

For your playlist? Vay Az in Halam from Ehaam, Hamid Janam, Zaraban to name only a few.


Count CHF 25.- for the Baghali polo mahiche (rice, bean, and dill);

CHF 18.- for a generous portion of Khoresht of your choosing:
Ghormeh-Sabzi – fenugreek-based stew, sautéed vegetables, parsley, leek
Bademjam – eggplant and tomato-based stew
Karafs – celery-based stew
2 Kabab Koobideh skewers

All are served with Basmati rice.

Pink mousse in paradise

This gluten-free dessert will refresh your mouth with the scent of rose water and seasonal fruits.

Delivery to your doorstep in Geneva with a smile.


Refer to MBG and get a 10% discount on your first order by email.
Happy Nowruz! 


PS: according to Wikipedia, Mount Damavand is a potentially active stratovolcano, the highest peak in Iran and Western Asia, and the second-highest volcano in the Eastern Hemisphere (after Mount Kilimanjaro), at an elevation of 5,609 meters (18,402 ft).