Dawn concerts

The dawn concerts are a must during your summer in Geneva. This year, the 17th edition will take place from July 17th until the 20th of August. 


A musical alarm clock with a coffee in hand and feet in the water, who says better to crack the opaque wall of routine?

The early hour can make you cringe but for those of you who have never experienced it, believe us, it’s worth the detour. Just once at least. Choose your dawn and get out of bed (or don’t go to bed at all!).

No time to waste in the bathroom flattening your disheveled hair. Take your sunglasses because you will be amazed and let yourself be surprised by the calmness of the place.


Sat. 29th of July – Taraf Syriana (Syrian folk music)
Sun 30th of July – Jurigoz Band (Arab-Andalusian music)
Sat. 5th of August – Lisa Piazza & Antoine Cesari (Miyasaki music)
Fri. 11th of August – Khayal Amine Mraihi (oriental music)
Sun 20th of August – Orchestre des Nations (classical music)

Every day, from July 17th until the 20th of August
Bains des Pâquis – Quai du Mont-Blanc 30 – 1201 Geneva

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