Delicatessen Les Filles Indignes

Imagine myself when I found out that Marie had opened a delicatessen with the name “Les Filles Indignes” (i.e. The Unworthy Girls”)! This had to be a place for me and many of my girlfriends.

The first thing which attracted me was the Joe & Steph’s British pop-corn! Hardly any popcorn remained after I left: salted butter, caramel, I enjoyed ALL of them. I then headed for some marmalade called Carla produced by Francois Theron in Cambrai! I wanted a taste that would remind me of my childhood. I returned once again to England where the Granny’s Secret juices were the two Great Tastes in 2014 (for the orange and apple juice)!  I then travelled to the region of Aveyron with its local producers of the brand Papillon for some creative pâtés. However Marie did not forget Switzerland and selected some deli from the Boucherie du Molard. All of it is available in a contemporary and cosy atmosphere and let me explain the cosiness: Marie wanted people to feel at home, so every guest can borrow a book from the bookshelves, sit down, have lunch or enjoy an afterwork glass of wine… I promised her I will take my sleepers next time.

PS: Twice a month, the “unworthy girls” gather together for a Sunday brunch worth your time.

Rue de l’Arquebuse 10, 1205 Geneva
Mon to Fri 8am-8pm

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