Spanish escape

As soon as the month of August ends, I just can’t help myself, I need to escape for a week-end and enjoy the low season. And this year, I went looking for a place which fits the bill and offers high-end design and creativity. Welcome to the design hotel Generator, brought to you by the British Patron Capital group and designed by the canadian studio The Design Agency… If you have already enjoyed the French Mama Shelter, you will love it’s Spanish version.
Located in the crazy Gràcia district, the Generator hotel is a modern building with 8 floors. The youth hostel occupies 5 floors where a bed costs 13€ for the night, which you can share with up to 8 people. But between us, the days where I shared my bedroom with total strangers (for a budget purpose just to be clear here) are gone. Which is why, I’d suggest to book any room starting from the 6th floor and starting at 50€ a night. However, since I knew I wouldn’t see the sun so often once I am back in Geneva, I’ve decided to go for the full monty: 8th floor, 270 degrees view on the Sagrada Família and Gaudí’s city of lights, ZE penthouse at 250€ a night which can accommodate up to 6 people. Billiani chairs in the little kitchen, mosaic of wallpapers designed by Tres Tintas, furniture by Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames: a marked style and strong identity, exactly what I needed.

And I knew I had made the right choice the moment I stepped foot at the Generator and I saw a Spanish Derbi motorbike hung from the ceiling, ceramic tiles placed in a disconcerting disorderly fashion and was enlightened by the 300 semaphores of local artist Julie Plottier, made in PVC, silk, taffeta and recycled magazines… a tribute to the Festa Major in Gràcia.
Back in Geneva, I thought of something I already knew: creativity is simply not related to money.

Carrer de Corsega 373, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

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