Destinée Tattoo

I bet you’ve already written down your list of good NY resolutions, after having a Big meal at the end of the year, washed down with champagne and chocolate for dessert. 

You promised yourself no more candies, more exercise with some meditation perhaps. Why don’t you throw away your list of good resolutions and start 2019 with a beautiful tattoo? If you’re up to it, I have found the perfect spot for you. 

Destinée is an atypical tattoo studio; the name, the decoration and its history make it a very unique place. Let me tell you its love story. 

Destinée was born in February 2015. Marie-Jo, who will warmly greet you, told me about her journey. She was employed for several years with Big responsibilities until she decided it was time to change her professional life. She liked tattoos, like her husband – Alexandre – a self-taught painter. So why not open a gallery where he could exhibit his works of art and offer at the same time experienced tattoo artists? And that’s exactly what they did with their heart and talent. 

The word “destiny” came to both their minds when it came to name the gallery. They believed it was their destiny to actually open the place. Soon enough, the need to expand was felt and Marie-Jo went looking for a new spot. She thought that a former police station at Avenue Wendt was the perfect place and that’s where you’ll find the gallery since February 2018. 

Alexandre took care of the interior design: painting, furniture and lamps (check the lamp at the entrance, you can even see it through the window from outside). It’s punk and it looks great. 

In 2019, several tattoo artists collaborated with Destinée:: Emy, Kevin, Terry, Bruno and many other guests come on a regularly basis: Surikat and Natali to name only a few. For sure, you’ll find what you are looking for. I can guarantee the quality and the finesse of Emy and Surikat to whom I entrusted much of my back.

So fight your fear of needles and fall for a tribal tattoo or to cover up an unsightly scar, unless you prefer something more graphic. Don’t forget to say hello to the adorable Marie-Jo for some good advice and also admire the works of art of her talented husband. 

If you click below, you can connect to Destinée and check the next guests or flashday at the studio. 

Photography © Nathalie Mastail-Hirosawa

Avenue Wendt 59, 1203 Geneva
Mon to Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm 

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