Swiss photographer Didier Jordan exhibits two series of photographs from March 6 to April 3. The openings will take place on Saturday, March 6, and Sunday, March 7 in the presence of the artist … with masks of course, and no symptoms of Covid.

Galerie Séries Rares
From March 6 to 27

Martine Guillerm explains this exhibition to us in a few words:
Athens, city of paradoxes: it is one of the oldest cities in the world, the cradle of democracy, but its sprawling development is a model of disorganization and anarchy. A city struck in turn by the economic crisis and the refugee crisis, it reveals its capacity for resilience in the face of austerity, both full of life and cultivating the art of taking one’s time.

Choosing slowness, like the Athenians, it is under the sign of lounging that photographer Didier Jordan imagined immersing himself in the drifting megalopolis, to apprehend the urban space in a new light. It uses the method of the surrealists, who strolled through Paris, in everyday life.

I met them in the streets of Athens, motionless at the foot of buildings.
Overheated by the scorching sun, rolled by the salty wind, stung by the sour air, they have gradually been transformed under the onslaught of city life.
A metamorphosis has taken place on their metal skin.
Unpredictable patterns have appeared on their hoods: here ashore, there a mountain, or even a new continent.
So many imaginary lands that time has patiently engraved.
First sighted incidentally then looked at curiously, I ended up actively looking for them.
These images were born from our fleeting encounters

Horizon Lac
Galerie ArTypique
From March 6 to April 3

This series of photographs has never been exhibited before. It is the result of commissioned work by the Hôtel Palafitte in Neuchâtel. The only hotel in Switzerland built on stilts, the Palafitte enjoys an exceptional location … on the Horizon, Lake Neuchâtel. Built in 2002, jointly by the architect Kurt Hofmann and the students of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, the Palafitte was imagined with the aim of presenting an astonishing “work” which arouses the interest of the spectators of the whole world.

If in a photograph hides a question, an absence, a tension between emptiness and fullness, then the possibility of dialogue develops: where the meaning is open, the spectator can take his place.
A pontoon, a body of water, a sky: a few elements to express the beauty of a place by simplifying it to make it readable and graphic, sometimes bordering on abstraction