Entre deux eaux, the book

Geneva photographer Didier Jordan has just exhibited his latest works of art at the Séries Rares Gallery. “Between Two Waters” i.e. “Entre deux eaux” is a work carried out on the edge of a Mediterranean beach. And if you missed this exhibition, all of the artworks are brought together in a book.


The book “Entre deux eaux” brings together all the photographs from Didier Jordan’s latest series.
Each image comes with a poem – in French – by Marcel Burger, inspired by the work of the photographer.

Marcel and Didier met in Geneva at university, before losing sight of each other. Thanks to Instagram the two friends found each other (which shows that there is also something good in social networks). This friendship materialized through words and photographs, which together make the book “Between Two Waters”.

To order it, simply send an email below.
The book, in limited edition and signed, costs CHF 50.
A treasure for yourself or to offer.

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