Melia Délices Grecques

Summer is coming to an end, and vacation time is practically over; I will have to wait at least three different seasons before I will be able to go back to my country. That’s how most expats in Geneva feel like at the end of August and I am no exception.

So here I was, walking in one of the streets of the Servette district, thinking about my home town when I bumped into Melia (which in Greek refers to meli (honey) and elia (olive))!

Welcome to Melia, the very first authentic Greek delicatessen in Geneva. And trust me, Greek food is a very serious matter for me. Kyriaki , the owner will welcome you with a smile, and will introduce you to Greek products which she discovered while traveling in our country: mastiha from the island of Chios, sponges from Kalymnos, honey from Crete, Peloponnese olive oil to name only the most famous ones, without forgetting the irresistible Papadopoulos chocolate biscuits (my favorite on earth). But Kyriaki also cooks: and every day, she offers a home-made moussaka which you can take-away (or order 48 hours in advance if you want large quantities ) as well as many other Greek specialities. The octopus is grilled on wood and marinated (all you have to do is add a bit of olive oil and lemon before your serve it at home), the trout is smoked according to tradition and the mastello (Greek cheese which you need to grill to make a saganaki) is a best-seller.

Kyriaki loves her country as much as I do; she wants to share with you the treasures she misses so much and at the same time, help the organic agriculture and culinary tradition of our country. When she speaks, it’s like a song that one would listen to under the sun. She presents every one of her products with passion and can provide you with tips on how to prepare them. She also offers coffee and is always eager to chat with you and find our how you are. Kyriaki brings a bit of Greece to Geneva and who knows how many years I have been waiting for her (since 1988, the day I arrived in Geneva).

PS: by the way, the moussaka is an excellent remedy against nostalgia.

Mon to Fri 10am-7.30pm; Sat 10.30am-7pm
Rue du Grand-Pré 57, 1202 Geneva
Budget: $$

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