Saint(e) Anne

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to meet a local fashion designer called Sainte Anne. She has that dreamy look, a touch of crazyness (totally adorable if you ask me) and she has shown me a world of poetry and creativity that she lives in. Squares of silk in very limited editions, expressive and artistic prints from Geneviève Villeval aka Sainte Anne or from other guest designers such as Ben Thé or Livia. Colours are astonishing and shapes are out of the ordinary. The scarfs are definitely arty: magnolias drawn with little dots, hypnotic stripes, there is a bit of heaven in her designs, something supernatural. Every piece is made by hand in Lyon, following old traditions (count 150.- to 200.- per piece… of heaven). Her “holiness” can also be found in photography where nature is predominant: beads of rain, a reflection or a sky evasion. To turn into a Saint, just drop by  Le Grand Magasin or Wood.

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