A folk pearl @ Antigel

The Antigel festival presents, like every year, many musicians off the beaten track. The American Sam Beam, known as Iron & Wine, is clearly one of them. He will perform his 6th album on the polished stage of the Alhambra theatre on February, 3rd. Don’t miss it!

Sam Beam is a mysterious man. He hides behind a generous beard that could be used as a bird’s nest; the folk singer is introverted and taciturn. Discreet and serein, the songwriter born in South Carolina has all the cards in hand to make a royal flush. He prefers the intimacy of the subdued lights of North Carolina rather than the irritating clubs of Miami; he therefore escaped the heavy system of show business. However, his name is written on top of the list of best songwriters.

His first album – The Creek Drank The Cradle – was produced by Home Recordings and was released in 2002. His music that is a harmonious blend of Nick Drake’s intimate folk and Eliott Smith’s tinted pop, strikes at first sight. It’s pure, introspective with lyrics made of melancholy and poetry.

The album Best Epic echoes his first recordings and is the last cohesive opus from Iron & Wine, released last summer. Lately, he had incorporated a slight touch of electronics in his music, he also collaborated with Ben Bridwell from Band of horses with the charming Jesca Hoop before releasing a sparse album. A tribute to austerity. The American artist writes authentic and refined lyrics: some questions are left unanswered in the air while he reveals the beauty of a heartbroken garden. The instruments sound more cosy and his voice has become deeper. Take a seat and take it all in.

Photography © Josh Wool
Alhambra Theatre, rue de la Rôtisserie 10, 1204 Geneva
Saturday, February 3rd, doors open @ 7pm
Full fare: 35CHF
Book your ticket online

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