AntiGel! 2018

The Antigel festival has been running for 8 years and continues to explore all the hidden treasures of the city of Geneva. From January 26th to February 17th, dance and music will knock on each door of 23 municipalities.

The 2018 poster illustrates the overflowing and explosive energy of the Antigel festival which returns at the beginning of the year to warm up the winter of the Big genevois with audacity. For the first time, borders are no longer a barrier, but a new playground.

The festival will be launched with its usual running race – the Antigel run – that has built a bridge between sport and culture for the past 3 years. The Grand Central of Lancy Pont Rouge will again entertain your week-end evenings.

The Made in Antigel projects are amazing hybrid creations that will take you to secret and unexpected local venues; expect bike rides in the Aire area and fairytales at the botanical garden. Let’s have a look at the dance and performances program: the acclaimed Cindy Van Acker returns to the festival for a spectacular show related to the work of the photographer Christian Lutz while Maëlle Gross will take you to the hot and joyful district of Pâquis for an encounter between local inhabitants and contemporary works of art.

The music program intends to be pioneering and authentic. The Victoria Hall will listen to the words of Gainsbourg spoken by the sensual voice of Jane Birkin and the Confluences symphonic orchestra. The Casino – Theatre will welcome the charismatic singer Swans for an intimate concert between a guitar and a voice. The promising local group Kind Angus – something in between French music and venomous pop – will release its new album while the americans of Circuit des Yeux will reveal a vertiginous folk music on the stage of the communal hall of Genthod. The concerts of Iron & Wine and Glen Hansard will be explained in further details very soon….

I can only speak for myself, but I’m already counting the days…

Photography © Mélanie Groley
From January 26th until February 17th

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