Car dance

Imagine: instead of two arms and two feet of a dancer, 4 wheels and 3 or 5 doors. A port de bras? The doors open. An arabesque? The trunk is lifted. Head to the right, head to the left? The wiper moves from left to right. This is a car dance and it will take place on February the 9th during the Antigel festival.
The Zurich artist collective Mercimax is the choreographer of this car dance and has turned the road into a stage. The road-movie show has already conquered the cities of Zurich, Fribourg and Vienna and is on its way to Cairo. In the meantime, the show took a little detour to stop in our city. And if I am entitled to give you such information it’s simply because I am part of the “dancing” crew.
Mercimax has imagined a dance in order to say good-bye to a “sacred symbol of freedom and emotions”. Some of the lucky spectators will be able to take a seat inside each vehicle and hit the road. Behind the wheel, a passionate driver… The final scene will occur in a deserted parking area. As for myself, I will quote Queen for that matter: “The machine of a dream, such a clean machine, With the pistons a pumpin’ and the hubcaps all gleam. When I’m holding your wheel, All I hear is your gear, When my hand’s on your grease gun, Oh it’s like a disease son…”

Photography © Nelly Rodriguez
Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th of February @ 7pm & 10pm
Avenue de Feuillasse 24, 1217 Meyrin (in front of the shopping mall)
Price: from 14.-
Book your tickets online 

Autoballett from mercimax on Vimeo.

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