Firefighters Museum

A visit to the Firefighters Museum of the City of Geneva. 

Here is a place unknown to the Genevois but which nevertheless brings happiness to the young and not so young people. Head to the rue du Stand, next to the Palladium and discover the Firefighters Museum of the City of Geneva. 

Inaugurated officially 10 years ago, visitors are welcomed every Wednesday and Sunday in this 1000m2 museum. The friendly guides are all retired from the Fire and Rescue Service (SIS); let’s walk on the footsteps of firefighters!

Our tour starts on the ground floor with vehicles and trolleys. Needless to say, this is the favorite part of the show for the little ones: three bright red fire trucks stand proudly at the entrance. If the children are good and there is no crowd, one of the volunteers will be able to let them climb on board. But it is forbidden to touch the buttons and pedals inside: they are real machines, ready to work and leave the museum during major festivals and commemorations. The carts, some dating from the eighteenth century, show us that once upon a time the fight against fire was even more dangerous than today …

Let’s visit the first floor, shall we? You will find all the necessary equipment for an intervention: fire suits, helmets or motor pumps. A film allows us to dive even more concretely into the past of the profession’s past. Finally, the second floor is our last stop. Extinguishers, trolleys and reconstructed scenes are visible. Under our feet, along the route, wooden planks bear the engraved names of the names and surnames of current and retired SIS staff.

An exciting tour! And let me conclude with the good news: the entrance is free! Aren’t we all ready for a family Sunday adventure?

Copyright © Les petits Genevois
Rue du Stand 1, 1204 Geneva

Wed & Sun 10-12am; 1.30-3.30pm 

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