Fishing in Geneva and Vaud

Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) has a huge surface area of over 580 km2, making it the biggest fresh water lake in Europe. Most of us have never had the privilege to use it. The lake is great for water sports and one of the least advertised is fishing. Considering that the lake is over 300 meters deep, there is ample space for formidable fish including perch, white fish, trout, chub and pike with some of them weighing up to 15kg.  Unknown to most people, about three tons of fish and crustaceans are harvested from the lake per day! That is about a 1000 tons per year. What better way to enjoy the summer than by catching a fine tan and landing your supper for the evening.

Why go fishing?
Most anglers go fishing because this is a good way of spending time in the nature and helps to release highly stressful everyday environment.  A day spent interacting with nature allows you to unwind and disconnect. It also allows you to feel the gentle breeze of the wind, listen to the sound of the river, the singing of the birds or simply enjoy a view at sunset. One word to describe fishing according to anglers would be “freedom”. Also, fishing is a good way to strengthen social bonds by fishing with family or friends. Including fishing in your lifestyle allows you to burn calories from being outside and active, which contributes to a higher quality of life.

Where to go fishing?
Please visit Fishing Exploration the has provided us with a map and detailed information about the type of species found in specific regions and the right season to go in Geneva and Vaud.

Basic things you need to know about fishing
To go fishing, it is mandatory to purchase either a permit or a license to fish.
There are two different types of licences. The first one is a trolling license, which is fishing off the back of a boat and purchased on annual basis. To obtain an annual permit one must obtain a competency certificate from SaNa. The second, also known as “al la gambe” is a permit that is attainable and allows fishing for a single day, week or month and easily ordered online, at the prefecture, tourist offices or at fish material shops.
Each Canton is responsible for issuing its own fishing permits and licences. Regulations vary according to the area.
You have the choice to go fishing down by the side of the river (after Jonction), on the lake side or on a guided boat fishing experience.

You don’t have to be a professional to go fishing in the lake. Just make sure you meet the rules and regulations and enjoy the summer. Happy Catching!

Photography Philippe Julien

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