Kugler Art Factory

Located in a former fittings company, the Kugler art factory hosted the Fine Arts school of Geneva (back in 1998), but the road was long and perilous before allowing the Federation of Kugler artists (FAK) to settle in for good. After a long fight with Asloca by their side, the artists finally regained their workshops in 2005, adding tremendous value to Geneva. The Kugler factory represents everything we love about our city: artsy, a bit alternative, meeting new people, a sense of belonging no matter how different we are and where we come from.
We pay them a visit for a variety of Big reasons: to admire Rodrigo Pareja’s new work, enjoy some tea on the terrace, meet new people, attend group exhibitions, and especially to breathe in some fresh air. And during each visit, the Kugler art Factory fulfills its mission, and we go back to our homes with a mind a bit more open and somehow enlightened.

Photography © Izet Sheshivari Fonderie Kugler 2016

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