Food to the rescue!

During the first wave, the world went crazy for banana bread and here we are, a year later, making baked feta pasta. Don’t get us wrong, these are absolutely worth the hype, but we’ve got some recipes up our sleeve that will impress you just as much! Shall we cook together? 

 Testing out new recipes:

For all those who’ve been to Gstaad, you’ve probably heard or tried the famous penne alla vodka from Hotel Olden. We’re bringing it to Geneva with our very own recipe which you can find here.

 Are you looking for a quick, easy, and healthy recipe that will only dirty one oven dish in your kitchen? We’ve got the perfect one for you which we like to call the ‘’Zucchini 3 fromages’’. Don’t let the three kinds of cheese scare you or fool you, this recipe is a mix of Zucchini, meat, tomato sauce, and cheese so you’ll get all the nutrients you need. P.S: It’s a great way to make your little ones get their veggies in too!

 Special places to do your groceries:

 Instead of heading out to Migros, Manor, or whichever supermarket is your go-to… why don’t you try to buy from local producers? Not only will you be supporting the local economy, but your products will most likely be fresher and bio but really what we’re looking for here is a change of routine!

The first tip we have for you is to discover the Geneva terroir by visiting local farms, secondly find ‘’traiteur’’ that makes exactly what you’re looking for.

PS: Don’t miss your chance to win a free meal for two at Molokai on Get Food’s Instagram, until March the 2nd! 

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