Foound Futur

How can we describe this place in an article that’s less than 400 words? You will find all sorts of activities and events at Foound. The whole point is to meet, share, learn and is for anyone who is curious, open or creative. It’s a bit like the modern version of a cabinet of curiosities. It’s much more than a physical space, it’s an experience that we all invite you to immerse yourself into.

This 500m2 look alike loft is split into different universes. First, the bar and restaurant that you can see on the picture, you then cross a corridor where you can find on the wall the events happening during the week. Why don’t you continue a bit further to discover bay windows, co-working desks, conference rooms… Let yourself wander through this multi-dimensional world.

The truth is, the place changes everyday. Yoga on Monday, cooking classes on Tuesday, learn how to dj on Thursday, attend a conference on Friday and all kind of different activities during the week-end. Just have a look at the planning of the month to understand that Foound is never short of ideas and events that are authentic, full of surprises and creative. 

The underlying idea of this concept store and cultural space is to “promote artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs in one same place and through events”, says its founder Fanny Arnaudo. If you’re after somewhere inspiring, with various workshops where you can meet people with the same mindset, no need to look any further. If you want to be stimulated or try new things, all roads lead to Foound. 

Copyright © Margaux Mudde
Rue Jean-Dassier 7, 1201 Genève
Mon to Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 11am-6pm

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