F**k It

F**k It

In my hand luggage, tons of books as I am off on vacation to my home country. Among those books, one of them was a gift from a dear friend of mine: F**k it, the Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin. I am pretty sure it’s a joke and that comes in handy because I love jokes.
Chapter I, as I am laying alone on one of Kythnos island’s desert beach in Greece:
A Taste: Say Fuck It to Something Now.
When you say Fuck It, you let go of your hold on something – usually something that’s causing you pain.”

I start thinking… for a long time. I stare at the horizon in this country where I was born (which, I really really do give a F**k about), the Aegean sea is so Big, the nature is so wild but nothing comes to mind. I realise (actually, I always thought so) that there are many things that I do care about: my family, especially my brother, my friends, my professional career, my weight, the way I look, the way people perceive me, the future, my clients…

I continue reading on page 6:
The word “Fuck” is truly beautiful. It’s beautiful because it’s slang for having sex. This in itself is cause for amusement, as its meaning has spread out. “Fuck off” is really “Go and have sex”, which is not really an insult, more a good suggestion. “Fuck you” is really “Sex with you”, which is certainly not an insult, more an invitation. “Oh, fuck” is really “Oh, great sex”, which, in your moment of frustration, is not a bad thing to be thinking about.
John then explains that in the 1980s and 1990s, the interpretation of that word (which was actually rarely used before) spread out and has now the power to shock. All I can think of, at that stage, is that I’d like to have (wild) sex on this beach with an Apollo…

As time flew by, chapter after chapter, I arrive on the island of Koufonisia on page 199:
It Was Good for Me. 
Yes, thank you very much. This intimate experience with you is nearly over. But I’ve enjoyed it. It was good for me. And that’s just about all that matters (though my publisher won’t agree with that, of course). The truth is that when we do what we fancy (bar serial murdering-like activities) we not only please ourselves but others, too. (…) This is the essence of Fuck It. To spit in the face of obligation, expectation, rules and regulation. To Say Fuck It and go your own way. So please (soon) close this book and go your own way.

The existence of a person is prior to his or her essence, wrote Sartre. In this book, there is some kind of reinterpretation of existentialism, with a brilliant sense of humour: there is nothing to dictate a person’s character, goals in life and so on. We’re free. I am free. And it’s scary. And I don’t give a F**k.

PS: thank you A.G. for this gift… and I know, you don’t give a F**k. But I like you anyway…