Analix Forever

The Analix Forever art gallery is located right next to the Bal des Créateurs in the district of Plainpalais. Barbara Polla is the happy owner.
Barbara Polla opened her art gallery in 1991 and always stood above all fluctuations of the art market; there is no “market” per se at Analix Forever, it’s more a question of encounters and keeping an open mind. Art, of course, is everywhere with a focus on drawings and art video.
You will be welcomed by Chiara Bertini, the director of Analix Forever. She studied philosophy in Italy before moving to Geneva to attend the HEAD. Upon her arrival, she came across a press article about Barbara Polla.
Then… “the stars aligned” she told me.
25 artists are presented by Analix Forever and if the Geneva art gallery is such a cosy and intimate place, it’s because many art projects are taking place outside of Geneva.
Art always travels, right?
These artists were chosen for the strength of their work of art, their commitment, the finesse and beauty… Some were met by chance but they all have something to say, something Big.
6 to 7 openings are scheduled throughout the year with titles as mysterious as the name of the art gallery: The best border is no border by Abdul Rahman (March 2017), The Devil Has No Helmet by Shaun Gladwell (September 2016), to mention only 2 of the exhibitions I recently attended. I was amazed… each time.
Open the door, don’t be afraid; art is also a matter of sharing, of going towards the unknown. And Chiara is such a good host. She will spice up the conversation in no time and introduce you to Mounir Fatmi or Janet Biggs.
Open the door and escape from your daily routine…

Rue de Hesse 2, 1205 Geneva
Tue to Fri 2pm to 7pm & upon appointment 

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