Galerie Angle

Patrick Peloso was in his twenties when he came across two works of art by the designer and architect Robert Mallet-Stevens: the Villa Cavrois and the Villa Noailles. When he recalled that moment in front of me, he immediately said: “either you love it or you hate it”… He obviously loved it, up to a point where he even considered studying architecture.

However, fate decided otherwise. Amateur of modernism, he will explore Europe looking for furniture and other collectables from the 20th century. Instead of attending a school of architecture, he will spend his time reading books (especially those sold at the Bernard Letu Bookstore) and documenting himself until he started buying and trading his findings.He’s particularly attracted by geometric forms, refined and angular designs. In time, he became a supplier of the antique dealer François Horngacher, among others, who owned an antique store on the rue Calvin for over 20 years. And when M. Horngacher decided to end his business, Patrick Peloso found himself with a key: the key to a new adventure which he named Angle Gallery which was opened in May 2015.

He decorated his gallery with distinctiveness, sobriety and elegance; you will never find a reproduction nor any re-edition. He will welcome you with open arms and will never make you feel like a nerd if you happen not to know the name of some designers. Which let’s be fair, was the case for me. The overall impression of the place is harmonious: offices, cabinets, paintings, armchairs, lithographies are perfectly displayed and they were all designed between the mid 20’s and the 80’s. Nothing is on consignment, every single object is the result of an acquisition by choice and the reasons are based on aesthetics and know-how. I could name a few designers or artists such as Jean Prouvé, Oscar Torlasco or Gina Sarfatti but the choices that Patrick makes go way beyond a couple of renown artists. Before I left, I asked him what motivates him: “to continue doing what I am doing passionately and for a long time…”.

Rue Calvin 2, 1204 Geneva
From Tue to Fri 1.30-7pm; Sat 1.30-5pm and upon appointment 

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