Galerie ArTypique

Galerie ArTypique

I was drawn by a beautiful black and white feather when I met Sandrine Berjonneau in an “atypical” gallery called “ArTypique” in Carouge. 

Six years ago, when her boyfriend noticed that she used to move closer and closer to take a picture, he offered her a macro lens that allowed her to capture the infinite details, just a few inches away. 

For Sandrine, it was love at first sight. She plunged into this small world and felt really good. Sometimes in the back of her garden, sometimes in a field, she hunts butterflies, bees and flowers, tries to “tame” them to reveal their beauty. She makes them more human and does not consider them as “objects” of any kind. 

Sandrine does not retouch her images, what you see is exactly what she discovered in nature. The light used is essentially natural, sometimes she encircles the flowers with a black cloth background to highlight their colours.

Raising awareness of nature and its fragility

Sandrine is very sensitive to the hidden beauties of an invisible and yet so close environment; she loves nature, it’s microscopic secret universe gives her goose bumps and, for having seen her prints closely, the emotion is transmitted there, intact. Because the motto of the photographer is to have fun, to communicate with nature and return to basics, but also to please, to extend these moments through our eyes and our feelings. Each photo is a rich history of colours and fine details (sometimes black and white too, like the flowers of Imogen Cunningham ) that the photographer reveals to you at ArTypique.

A gallery in Carouge

This summer, Sandrine opened a gallery (rue Jacques Dalphin) to share her crushes inspired by nature. It is also a way for her to give greater accessibility to photography that she considers a popular art: we can all make it. The numbered prints on sale in the gallery are beautifully framed and also available in smaller formats so that your budget, even modest, allows you to find your happiness.

If you can’t make it soon (and you should), remember the date of Friday, October 12: the gallery owner invites you to an opening from 6pm to 9pm, with the presence of the photographer… since it’s the same person, so … BE THERE!

Photography © Sandrine Berjonneau
22 rue Jacques Dalphin 1227 Carouge
Wed, Thur & Fri 11am-6pm; Sat 10am-4pm