Galerie Laurence Bernard

Amateurs and art collectors will find in the quartier des Bains of Geneva a gallery/institution called galerie Laurence Bernard, 37 rue des Bains. Whether you live in Geneva or you are simply passing by, make sure to stop by. 

The gallery represents contemporary Swiss and international artists and focuses on the links between art, architecture, conceptual works, videos, performances, photographs, drawings and sculptures. The space is bright and at the same time intimate. Each exhibition transforms the premise, a real showcase for each artist, making him feel at home. You’ll be warmly welcomed in case you’d like to venture there. The büro which is the adjoining space where the team works, extends the experience. A few works of artist remain on the walls as Laurence Bernard wishes to keep them present all the time. 

The quartier des Bains has recently launched a series of invitations to international art galleries and Laurence Bernard’s first special guest is the famous Kamel Mennour Paris / London with a solo exhibition of the artist Marie Bovo around it’s emblematic series Jours blancs, Cours intérieures and Stances. This exhibition will last until June 29th and I highly recommend that you visit it because of its aesthetics and poetic strength. From July 5th until September 5th, the exhibition Eden will then take place with a short summer break between July 28th to August 20th. 

Take a new look at the world of art and enjoy this cultural visit. Don’t they say that knowledge is acquired through curiosity?

Rue des Bains 37, 1205 Geneva
From Wed to Fri 12am-6pm; Sat 12am-5pm

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