The Origin of the World

Angela Marzullo, aka Makita, places the woman’s genitals in the center of the world, every day @ 11am at the Centre de la Photographie in rue des Bains. What?
Yeah, you read correctly. Every morning, the artist invites you to join her around a performance spread over 28 days: the newspaper of the day, the edition of Le Monde, folded and cut out, opened on the central page and chiselled in thin tabs. An invitation to reconsider the sex of the woman from another angle.
Rather than limiting herself to a simple meeting during an opening, Angela (who was given carte blanche for this exhibition) chooses to continue the cycle of this energy during daily performances. I wanted to thank her for her full commitment and, instead of taking you for a visit, let me take you at the end of this exhibition, where the performance is held, towards the exit door of the Centre de la Photographie.
You’ll see a female nuclear mushroom dominates a soldier’s army or a devil out-cornes a luxury photo with an electric meter in her hand.  Two Angela instead of one to remind you to get out there ladies: invest the space! She invites you to disguise as an exhibitionist or maybe she’s just being political. Before coming out of this intimate cave, take a look at an original series which I won’t present to you: you just need to go and discover it by yourself. Some things should remain unsaid.
In the next art installation, there is a wall of slideshow. It pays tribute to committed activists who talk with conviction and are the witnesses of the exactions of Makita the witch, under the gaze of her Manifesto for the feminist artists revolution.
Step by step, you leave this area of intimacy. Angela then refers to people who have inspired her: Angela Davis, Hilary Robinson, Beatriz Preciado, Virginie Despentes (among others) while you can enjoy an ice-cream. You’ll probably need to pee after that…
I hope I’ve triggered your curiosity to meet the universe of this diablesse and perhaps one of these mornings, you’ll push the entrance door of the rue des Bains.

Exceptional meeting / brunch on Saturday March 4th at 11am with MakitAngela, Barbara Polla (gallery owner, author and curator) and Sophia Djitli (researcher in gender studies).

From January until March 12 from 11am 
28 rue des Bains, 1205 Geneva

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