Philippe Axarlis “philgoestothekitchen” (i.e. “philalacuisine”) whenever the occasion presents itself. And considering the fact that he’s Greek (and looks like a Greek god), it seems pretty normal, right? “In Greece, people live to eat, not the other way around”. As a child, he used to watch his mum cook and learned to appreciate the good products; his Greek origins taught him hospitality and know-how. As he grew up, he started inviting people over to his house (and I have been on several occasions part of the lucky guests) and he would also help his friends organise all sorts of events. At some point, after people kept telling him to start his own business, he launched in the beginning of the year: philalacuisine, a tailored to your needs personal chef service. Philippe can therefore cook for you at your home for a special (or any) occasion, he can cater your events or business lunches and finally, he can teach you how to cook and share all his know-how.
His speciality? C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y, Philippe is like a MasterChef made in (My Big) Geneva. In a rush to juggle many responsibilities, one of the first things that one sacrifices is healthy and relaxed family dinners. Philippe can change all that. He will provide tasty and healthy meals to satisfy everyone. He’s inspired by French, Italian, Greek, Asian and North African cuisine to which he adds a very personal touch while adapting his cooking to your personal needs: lactose or gluten free or vegetarian. His signature dishes include: spare ribs to die for, veal chop cooked at a low temperature and a creative couscous with lamb or vegetarian.
Since the sunny days are back, Philippe will be more than happy to prepare your barbecues or your picnic baskets.

PS: Philippe also shares his recipes on his website.

Geneva and its surroundings
Personal chef from 65.- / person (all included)
Cooking lessons from 65.- / person

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